Benafia’s excess blogs clogging up the blogroll are here

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They will be here. It is late, so I apologise if anyone looked here for invisible blogs.  But most are now over there on the blogroll.

Thanks for dropping into my speck on the WEB


The Mother of All Stars?

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Well our mother star the sun of course. Dould it not have a proper name?

here wearing white

and a blue mood

red hot

Image of the Sunfilm strip image

NSSDC Photo Gallery

These images of the Sun were taken from two sources, the joint ISAS/NASA spacecraft Yohkoh and the National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak in Sunspot, New Mexico. The images from Yohkoh are all in soft x-rays and the ones from NSO are the K emission line from Ca II. They are shown sequentially for images taken the same day (but not necessarily the same time) for comparison. These are only selected images from the selected days and are only intended to be representative images.

Dr. Edwin V. Bell, II
NSSDC, Mail Code 633
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Mother of All Blogs!

•June 16, 2008 • 1 Comment

Someone had to go over the top.  Might as well be me.

What should the Mother of All Blogs be?

That is the mother of all questions.

As far as blogs go.

Mother of all cereal surprises.